Designed exclusively for wineries, Vines Online Solution facilitates direct control wine ecommerce, club members, event ticketing, website updates and more.


Designed specifically for the brewing industry, Hops OS creates and sustains 24/7/365 income streams for your eCommerce business, including management solutions for beer club memberships, event ticketing and online merchandise promotion. Hops OS steers your efforts in the right direction: increased sales, maximized set-income strategies and the freedom to make beer.

The Original Craft Beer Lawyers, a California-based firm who has spent the last six years dedicated to advising the craft beer industry. They actively serve over 75 craft beer breweries, including breweries in planning nationwide.


Urban CM Group is a full service commercial general contractor specializing in the brewing and distilling industries.   Their level of assistance is diverse, ranging from construction management and consultation, to business plan authoring (including proforma reports), conceptual design assistance and high-level estimating. The goal is to empower their clients to make sound decisions in terms of expansion and optimization of your project.